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Tickets for Rider Empowerment Workshop now on sale

I am really excited to announce this event. I am so passionate about getting information out to the people that need it and feel this is such an amazing area for discussion and understanding.

The Rider Empowerment Workshop which will be taking place at Alder Lake Farm Equestrian center on the 6th October 2021 at 10:15-12:15pm.

The workshop will include information regarding:

  • Rider anatomy and biomechanics

  • The effects of rider pain on performance

  • Rider straightness and its effect on your equine partner/s

  • Common rider postures and how to address them

  • Training habits

  • And a whole lot more

The session will include an introduction to exercise and exercise prescription relating to rider problems. The session will end with a brief mindful meditation.

The workshop is aimed at all equestrians and its main goal is to provide you with the information to empower you on your journey with your equine partner, wherever that may take you.

The session will be interactive and should be a great way to spend a wednesday morning. No horse necessary and refreshments are included.

Spaces are limited to maintain intimate feel.

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