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Introducing The Centered Rider

Physiotherapy assessment and treatment for riders across disciplines and approaches.

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Let us help you to a brighter and healthier future with your horse by maximising your physical performance.


Rider assessment - Under saddle

There is nothing quite like seeing you and your horse working as a team. Sarah's expert eye can see areas of imbalance, which can be addressed to facilitate a unison between both horse and rider,  maximising your efficiency when communicating with your horse.  A rider assessment can be vital in getting to the root of any issues.   The session takes place in 4 parts:

1) Ridden observation

2) Hands on assessment and treatment (off horse)

3) Review of rider correction whilst riding. Aids may be used when riding. 

4)  Exercise program instruction and demonstration. The exercise program will be tailored to meet your exact needs.


Injury Assessment and Treatment

The life of an equestrian lover can be filled with knocks, bumps and of course the daily strain of caring for and working with horses.  If you are in the unfortunate position of struggling with pain and discomfort either due to a specific injury or just the build up of this strain on the human body, let Sarah help by assessing and treating the problem.


Rider Assessment

During the rider assessment Sarah will look at muscle strength, balance, flexibility, joint mobility and function, postural alignment and any areas of tension and stress.   The aim of the assessment is to improve quality of movement and posture to facilitate clearer rider aids and communication with your horse whilst riding.  Injury prevention is always at the forefront of Sarah's mind and addressing the above can reduce the chances of overuse injuries as well as improving your riding ability.

The session takes place in 3 Parts

1) Assessment both verbal and physical.

2) Treatment (see Treatment technique page)

3) Exercise programme, which will be explained, demonstrated and observed.  All exercises will be documented to make them easy to recall.

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